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Hi! My names Lindsay. I grew up on The Beatles, Bob Dylan, books, and car rides where me and my family shared music and stories with each other.  I started writing songs when I was 12 years old. My first song was about an overprotective mother who murdered his sons wife. I think at first my songs were really just a place to put wild imaginative stories. As I wrote more and more, they became a place to put my own personal stories. I remember being 14 and staying up till 3am crying on my bedroom floors carpet while singing about a boy who broke my heart (I’ve done that many many times since). I started taking my little songs to local Long Island open mics. I would be the only 16 year old girl, singing about her hurt feelings, in a group of 50 year old men singing covers. People would come up to me afterwards and tell me that they were moved by my songs. I don’t know if they were being honest or just being kind (cause I was pretty awful back then) but their comments pushed me into who I am today. Being able to reach people through a song became my kryptonite. All I wanted to do was write songs that were true to me and that people related to. Today I’m still writing songs about heartbreak, but maybe just playing them in cooler venues. I live for the rush of knowing that my own emotions that feel so unique to me, are universal. That we’re all the same at the end of the day. I love people and the way I connect to them is though stories and songs. I just wanna keep doing that forever.




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